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Water Preserver Reviews with Team Comments!
Read carefully expiration date.
I overlooked one year expiration of drops. Ready carefully

A Staff Review Comment from WaterPreservertm

Like most any chemical, the potency of WaterPreserver declines over time.
Easy to use. No scary ingredients.
Like everyone else, I thought I'd save money by just using bleach instead of these drops. However, I found it impossible to find pure bleach with no other nasty ingredients added in. I even called the Clorox company to ask about it. It turns out that use in water for long-term storage is NOT an approved use for any of their bleach products. So I bought these drops and I am sure glad I did. The dropper on the top of the bottle produces nice exact drops so you can easily count the number of drops you're adding. I like that there is no guesswork.

A Staff Review Comment from WaterPreservertm

We're glad that you did your homework, and you've got the right answer! Household bleach is not safe to use as a santizer for drinking water. Companies that make bleach for laundry and other household uses, put ADDITIVES in the bleach. These ingredients are not safe for human consumption. That's why these companies DO NOT approve it for use in emergency water applications.

We've gone through a lengthy and expensive process to get WaterPreserver approved for use by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). Their strict standards ensure that water santized by WaterPreserver is SAFE TO DRINK.

Great review and thanks for using WaterPreserver!
Water Preserver Reviews with Team Comments!
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