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Water Preserver 5 Star Reviews with Team Comments!
244 of 2156 "5 Star Reviews" have a comment.
I thought these drops were a little expensive, but they do work.
Unofficial five-year test results
Okay, so I bought this product over five and a half years back. Treated about 80-90 gallons of water and stored that water in Water Brix, indoors, as part of my emergency preparedness measures. It is time to rotate this water-stock and, yesterday, before I began replacing it, I took a long 14oz drink of the stored water. Today, I can report no digestive issues and positively normal time in the bathroom. Is it scientific? No. Would I drink the rest of this 5.5 year-old water in an emergency? You bet. While this is out of stock on Amazon for now, I've ordered a similar product to replace it but I wish I could've ordered this again - since I'm satisfied it did the job.
Read carefully expiration date.
I overlooked one year expiration of drops. Ready carefully

A Staff Review Comment from WaterPreservertm

Like most any chemical, the potency of WaterPreserver declines over time.
Works Great as Designer
Used this several time previously as it adds 5 years to stored water.
Helps with water preserving
Good to have for long term water storage.
Quality Product , Fair Price
Thanks My order got here early .
Good for water storage!
NOTE that "5 yr. storage" BEGINS when added to water jug - NOT the "Expiration Date".
READ THE INSERT. It states: that "5 yr. storage" BEGINS when added to water jug - NOT the "Expiration Date".
I notice that many reviewers were sending back the product after reading the "Expiration Date". NO don't do that. Read the insert - it is quite clear. They even highlighted that in the insert.
Must have
Water storage
This will be great to have water ready to go if needed
Like the fact it will preserve water for so long.
Thank you!
Amazing to have it. The portability and instruction is very easy.
water preserver
Thank you, did receive the product
IT works
Used as a preservative for long term storage
Great product
Great product
What I have been looking for
Very good
This Product added to your water gives you 5 years shelf life
Product came well packaged, and undamaged. Delivery was reasonable arriving timely Great person to buy from, very pleased overall.
A must for prepers.
Use as a preper way to purify water.
Sorry that received only 1 bottle of 2 bottles ordered; but it?s sufficient no big deal.
Only one drop will do the job.
Water preserver
Great for storing water for emergencies. Used in my 55 gallon drums. Easy to use and lasts up to 5 yrs.
Easy to use
Easy instructions, easy to apply ten drops per gallon... Won't know if it works unless one try's it in five
It works as it should!
It works as it should! Comes with a little paper with intructions.
Bought twice
I emptied my 55 gallon water drum once after 5 years of storage in the garage. The water appears clean, clear, and smells fine. I keep this for emergency use and plan to boil it before use, as a precaution.
Does the job
What can I say? It does the job which is what I want.
Easy to use
Very easy to use.
Good experience
no problems here
Another potable water source for your "Go" bag.
Yes- easy to use, just follow the simple instructions. (2) tablets per quart, that's (25) quarts per bottle. That's (25) quarts of drinkable (potable) water in an emergency. Go value for your hard earned dollar. Thanks for asking!
NOT the same as bleach
NOT the same as bleach. Do your research please. Worth the $ for ??? of mind
Good for storage
Bought for water storage.
Easy to use. No scary ingredients.
Like everyone else, I thought I'd save money by just using bleach instead of these drops. However, I found it impossible to find pure bleach with no other nasty ingredients added in. I even called the Clorox company to ask about it. It turns out that use in water for long-term storage is NOT an approved use for any of their bleach products. So I bought these drops and I am sure glad I did. The dropper on the top of the bottle produces nice exact drops so you can easily count the number of drops you're adding. I like that there is no guesswork.

A Staff Review Comment from WaterPreservertm

We're glad that you did your homework, and you've got the right answer! Household bleach is not safe to use as a santizer for drinking water. Companies that make bleach for laundry and other household uses, put ADDITIVES in the bleach. These ingredients are not safe for human consumption. That's why these companies DO NOT approve it for use in emergency water applications.

We've gone through a lengthy and expensive process to get WaterPreserver approved for use by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). Their strict standards ensure that water santized by WaterPreserver is SAFE TO DRINK.

Great review and thanks for using WaterPreserver!
Product is as described
Product is as described!
Easy to use
I purchased this product for long term water storage in my water bricks
I have bought before and am satisfied with my purchase...thank you. Fast delivery.
Peace of mind in a bottle.
My water storage is gtg for the next 5 years.
Just what I wanted
Very easy to use, we are storing water for emergency situations like we just had here in Texas.
I never want to be with out water!
Five year preservative
Goid for storing emergency water
Good value
Good value for the money.
Good Product
Good Product
easy to use
a little goes a long way
Works as described
Easy to use with clear directions, and it does what it says it will as far as I can tell so far.
good for long term water storage
good for long term water storage goes well with the water cubes
Good for the value
For water storage
water gtts
came quickly, good price
To soon to tell
To soon to tell
It's a good product for the money.
I like the easiness of the product to use.
Great value, recommended
Great value, recommended
Updated Review - Each bottle treats 55Gal
I reviewed the wrong product before - this bottle DOES in fact treat 55Gallons each.
Directions for Use
I was confused about the expiration date of my Water Preserver Concentrate received today with an expiration date of 9/2021. However, after reading the attached instructions it appears that the Water Preserver is good for 5 years if ?used by? (EXP. Month/Year) the date on bottom of the bottle. Apparently if this product is used before the expiration date then it will preserve drinking water that is properly stored for the next 5 years. This reassuring information is in the Preparing Your Emergency Water for Storage section of the Directions for Use.
So, if I use my Water Preserver Concentrate before it?s expiration date of 9/2021 then it will preserve the water in a 55 gallon water storage barrel for the next 5 years.
Happy purchase
I was very happy to get this product because it is designed for 5 year protection. I still have to see how it performs.
55 Gallon Water Preserver
Received. Thank you!
Works great. Personally verified by 5 year test
I have used this several times. Will keep water fresh at least 5 years. I tested the water from my containers when refilling them after 5 years. The water did taste like the plastic container but there was no chlorine taste from the drops.
Good purchase
Good purchase
Worked just as stated
Five years were up and it was time to replace the water. I used the same product five years ago in these water jugs. The water looked fine and tasted fine. I was tempted to keep it however since they say five years I went ahead and replaced it.
add to de crummy
don't get any on ya !! makes ya wonder don't it?
this better work after the zomby apocalypse
This better work when i am actually down to drinking it!
For my survival kit
I don't know about the flavor yet I haven't tried it yet
A must have if storing long term
This is exactly what was needed for my long term fresh water storage.
Great Quality
We have used this product a long time to preserve emergency water and it works perfectly every time! Eases our minds for emergencies. We will buy this again.!
it did the job ,maybe,in 5 years i will let you know
Water is most important item to have
Perfect for wayer
I like water
After 5 years I drank the water. It tasted fine and I didn?t die. So I would say 5 stars. Will buy every 5 years.
Works great
Works great
Good product
Good product
Easy to use
I like that this product was easy to use. Now we will have water in case of an emergency. Will by another batch when this one expires.
Necessity for my Emergency safe water
This was a must include in my gifted Emergency buckets I put together last christmas. Clean water is essential and these drops help to keep it that way!
Keep drinking water safe to use
Good to have on hand when it?s hurricane season or twister for back up water
Being proactive and as ready as one can be for an emergency.
Just very glad this product is available for us to have safe water in an emergency.
It Works
I used this product in a new blue 55 gallon water barrel and then I covered the barrel with a cardboard box to keep it clean and so no light could penetrate the plastic barrel. Anyway, my water has sat in a corner of the garage (out of sight, out of mind) for 7 years. I drained the old water this week. It was perfectly clear and clean and the taste was OK, though it was a little flat.

Some folks have complained about the price, but when you spread $15 over five years , I think that is pretty cheap for a product that is made for water preservation with no muss or fuss.
Easy instructions not bad for the money
Much smaller than photo. Simple to use.
Long term water storage
Used as advertised for long term water storage.
Making water drinkable
Great for camping water
Must have if keeping water on hand for a emergency.
Actually works.
Tested for 5 years. Water tastes fine
Water Preserver
Second time I used it, last time 4 1/2 years ago. Opened drum no mold or anything growing in it. Tasted good and nothing but clear water come out while I drained it. Drum stays in garage in central Florida waiting for the bad one to come. So, no complaints, looks like it does what it says and hopefully I'll never have to use it.
5Years of storage
This will be used for storage of water. Good for 5 years.
Very easy to use!!
This product was very easy to use. No mixing. Just count the drops fill the container and your done. Could not be any easier. I have used other products that have part A and part B that need to be mixed and you need to wait several minutes before using. What a pain that is. Like I said, could not be any easier. Great product would definitely purchase again!!
Water storage support
Good product
Quality is what supported. And the price is right.
Everybody needs to store water. This is perfect.
I love this stuff
I love the smell of this treatment and how it makes your water sweet and fresh tasting.
Good buy
Great for storage
More peace of mind
Most people hope for clean water
Nice clean water.
Easy to use and 5 year life span. Important factors.
Box arrived in excellent condition...product was recommended to me...will be trying it soon...and will send another review.
Safer stored water? This is a given item must-have
Will keep my stored water safe. Need I say more?
Great value.
I rely on this.
Ive got a 50 gallon water troft with a heating element in it so it doesnt freeze during the winter, for deer and birds..During the summer months I can clean it out regularly but during the michigan winters, I cannot clean it out, so water sits in it for months. Anyways I could not even see the bottom of it so I know it must be dirty, I tried other products without any noticable difference, but, After using this product I CAN SEE THE BOTTOM! Water looks a million times better! buy it!
Yes, it really does protect water for five years.
I live in a state that gets its share of earthquakes. I have stored water and other supplies for when "the Big One" hits. I have been storing water using Water Preserver Concentrate for many years. I store the water in seven-gallon plastic containers. About every five years or so I empty out the containers, and I refill them with fresh water mixed with a carefully-measured amount of Water Preserver Concentrate. I then label each container with a large tag, showing the date it was filled. So last month the five-year period was up on some of these containers. It was time to pour out the old water and refill. But I was curious: Was this five-year-old water still safe to drink? Well, I don't have access to a scientific laboratory, so I tested the old water by drinking some of it. I figured, if the Water Preserver Concentrate was doing its job as claimed, this old water should still be safe to drink. And it turns out, it was indeed safe. I drank about six or eight ounces of the five-year-old water, and I suffered no ill effects. (I did this on a day when I knew I would be home all day, just in case I had to run to the bathroom or something.) I expected that perhaps the water would have a plastic taste (from being stored in a plastic container for five years) or perhaps a bleach-like taste. But it just tasted like regular water is supposed to taste. So I am pleased to say that this stuff did work as claimed. However, let me add a little more info that may be relevant. First off, when it is time to fill these plastic containers with water, I wash my hands and try to ensure that there is no chance of germs entering the containers. Also, I tightly seal each container, and I store them on the floor of the closet, covered up with a thick blanket to keep away sunlight. So I am really anal about doing what I can to make sure the water will stay drinkable.
Haven?t used yet
Great product
Great product
Arrived right away
Five Stars
ready for the zombie apocolypse!
I hope that it works.
I hope that it works. I received it when promised.
Great product
Five Stars
Thank you!
Preserves the water as advertised.
Exactly what I needed. I have used this before and it really works.
Five Stars
Good item
Five Stars
It works and that is what matters
I have used the product for years now and I even drink the water at the 5 year mark with no issues. I read all the reviews and see all the back and forth comments for and against it. Bottom line is this: I use it, I drink the water treated with it and it works. I tried a different water preserver and after 5 years the water was filled with white cloudy gunk floating around in it. Threw it and the container away. Never had a problem when I have used this water preserver. The same people who right negative reviews about wasting our money are probably people who just like to write negative reviews. why do you really care how I spend my money. Stick to the facts about whether it does what it says or not and let us decide how we spend our money! Use caution when you read any reviews because no one knows for sure what anyone's background is on anything. I could say I am a chemist like anyone else could. why should you even believe my positive review for that matter. people, do your research on trusted websites and come to your own conclusions and then try it out for yourselves.
Five Stars
Works well
Great !
Great service and product.
Easy to dispense
8 drops per gallon
Five Stars
Good product and fast shipping.
Five Stars
Good stuff, Great Value!
Easy to use
I used this in a 55 gallon container for emergency use, I hope I never have to use it. Easy to use!
This stuff seems to work. Have never pushed the ...
This stuff seems to work. Have never pushed the storage time to five years, but it's worked to prevent mold so far.
Easy to use
Easy to use.
It lasted!
It lasted the 5 years in my water tanks! I was sceptical but when I used the water after 5 years it tasted and smelled fine.
Five Stars
It is not the kind of product that you can rate, unless you wait 5 years..........
Five Stars
Necessary preserver for the 55 gallon barrel. Clear directions for usage.
Tasted like old water but and I lived
I used this product 5years ago on (6) 5 gallon blue food grade containers. I inspected the water,no mold,algie,it was clear.I tasted the water about 8 oz. Tasted like old water but and I lived,so I'm happy.You'll always have food around but if you have on water during a disaster life would be hard.
Five Stars
easy to use.
Rinsed them out really good with a bran new blue water hose
Bought 4 blue 55 gal. Water drums. Rinsed them out really good with a bran new blue water hose. Pored water preserver into barrels and even rinsed bottle out to get every drop. Filled barrels and sealed them tight. I stored the barrels in the back of the garage and covered them with a tarp. I moved to a new house that I bought 5 years later and was going to have to redo the barrels but was curious if it water stayed clean, fresh and no bacteris. I opened the barrels and smelled , smelled good ! Started draining the barrels and all the water was Cristal clear ! Before I re-did the barrels again I needed to know was the water safe. I wasn't going to drink it till it was tested. I'm not stoopid. I carried 1 gallon from each barrel to the water board for them to test. Test came back 5 out of 5 stars and the technician drank some and said it tasted great !!! I'm sold ! Make sure you prepare everything clean ! You don't want to put bacteria and dirt in while your fixing your water. Your life and families life mite count on it. Make sure to date the container you use with a marker.
Five Stars
Perfect prep
Perfect for your preps. It makes storing water easy.
It was easy to use since I used the full bottle in ...
I don't know how to answer this as I just used the stuff in my water...Wouldn't I have to wait the five years to answer it?
It was easy to use since I used the full bottle in each container. Other than that I would think I should wait
Convenient for storing water in 55 gallon drums. Add one bottle per 55 gallon drum.
Easy, just poured it inside the 55 gallon water ...
Easy, just poured it inside the 55 gallon water barrel and closed it.
We filled our 55 gallon water barrel with a 'food grade' safe to drink water hose that we bought from Walmart at the camping section. Then my husband just poured the Water Preserver inside and closed it, no need to mix. Please remember to put something between your 55 gallon barrel and concrete, like wood or carpet. (Supposedly concrete can sometimes seep through the concrete into the water barrel, so putting something in between helps prevent that.)
Five Stars
bit pricey but it works
Just what I ordered.
Second Time I used and it works Great
Five Stars
works well
Works great. I recommend not trying to pop off the ...
Works great. I recommend not trying to pop off the top part in order to empty full contents into 55 gallon drum. If you do, make sure you are wearing old clothes because it is bleach and will definitively splash all off the place.
Five Stars
works well
emergancy water good
for emergency water
Five Stars
good product
Great product
A must have to store water long turm
Five Stars
easy to use and understand
Great, what else can be said
I purchased this product for our cabin. We decided it would be easier to store our water there than to try to treck in a weeks worth at vacation time. Very easy to read instructions and simple to use when preserving a 55 gallon barrel. I highly recommend this product and yes I have purchased more....
Waiting for the apocalypse to test...
I'm not quite sure how to rate this since I'm keeping it on hand in the event of a disaster or the apocalypse. Should either of those happen, there's no way I'm taking the time or will likely have the ability to rate this product on Amazon; especially if there's an EMP attack and technology is rendered useless. My focus will be the preservation of my life. Also, if I do end up using it with water from say, Flint Michigan, and it doesn't work...well I'm a dead man and there's no review writing happening there. Or if I draw the short straw with a group of people who want to see how well this product works and I don't survive. Then perhaps one of them will jump on here and give it the old one star treatment. But that's highly unlikely since they wouldn't have my password. Maybe I'll write my Amazon password on the package.
Five Stars
This is exactly what we needed for keeping our water drinkable.
Five Stars
Five Stars
Great product, great value!
Five Stars
great, easy to use.
Works Great!
Works great. Good Price.
very potent.
works great. will buy again
Five Stars
nice directions and better than purifying with bleach
Five Stars
Great product, shipped fast, will buy again!!
good for 5 years
In the drum, good for 5 years.
Five Stars
Got it for a back up when & if my bottled water runs out, cant hurt.
100% satisfied
very pleased
Must Have
Easy to use
Five Stars
Five Stars
Am using it to stabilize over 300 gallons of water.
Five Stars
Good stuff
Will review more thoroughly in 5 years

First received August of 2016 and used this brand to treat 5 water barrels. I had to move the barrels in August of 2019 when we moved. When I drained the 5 barrels, two of them were unusable due to a mold which had
started to grow inside. The barrels were washed out well but I think maybe something got left inside. The other three were fine and the water didn?t taste too bad. I just repurchased 5 bottles locally.
Necessary for long term storage of potable water
Not much to say about this product. It should work as advertised. I won't know for a few years if it does the job.
Five Stars
Very easy to use. Highly recommend this to extend the life of your preserved water.
Good for another 5 years
Purchased it elsewhere 5 years ago. Worked as it was supposed to so I purchased it again. Good for another 5 years.
Seems to do the job very well. I buy ...
Seems to do the job very well. I buy some every five years or so in preparation for the 9.9 here in the Pacific Northwest,
Water preservation
Good stuff. My second order - for backup.
These items came quickly and are simple to use. ...
These items came quickly and are simple to use. There is no mixing required....just fill your barrels and dump in the preserver
Five Stars
very easy
Good Item
Easy emergency water storage and purifier. Everyone should have these. Cheap and worth having.
Five Stars
good product
Five Stars
good product, piece of mind
Five Stars
this was a very good producti will buy again.
Great product to have on hand for emergency
Great product to have on hand for emergency.
Emergency need.
Good to put away of emergency.
Five Stars
Works great!
i hope in 5 years the water i treated is still good. I will update my review at that time
I used it. i hope in 5 years the water i treated is still good. I will update my review at that time :-)
Five Stars
A must have for survivalists or doomsday preppers.
Five Stars
Good product at a reasonable price.
Cost-Effective, Easy Water Preservation!
If you are prepping, you will know that drinkable water is the number one commodity that you must plan for. Here is a simple and effective way to preserve your water. It requires only 8 drops to preserve one gallon of water for FIVE YEARS! The container has enough for preserving 55 gallons of water, so you really get quite a lot for the money. The container is quite small so it is easy to store, and the dropper top makes treating your water very easy. I've been very please with it and I think you will be too! Recommended!
Great product!
This stuff is is very easy to use and we have bought it three times. First time we had it in a large food grade drum for emergency water and it stayed unused for about two and 1/2 years. We moved so chucked the water. When we moved into next home (we were in the military), we bought it again. This time there was a water main break in our neighborhood and we lost water for an entire week. That big drum with clean drinkable water was a Godsend! Water tasted great! Then of course we moved again and now we are in our Forever Home and have bought it. Hopefully we will see whether it lasts 5 years but if it doesn't that means we used the water so it's a win either way!
Easy to use
Easy to use, nice to have a timeline for replacement...5 years!
So glad I got this
So glad I got this. With hurricanes getting stronger every year, it won't be long before I'll be filling the tanks with water storage.
Best product of it's kind.
It has the same basic chemical compound as household bleach, but it definitely NOT household bleach. Very concentrated, no off-putting smell.
Good Product
Received this item in a reasonable amount of time & it was what I expected.
Five Stars
Great product. Quick delivery. Will buy again....5 star....thanks.
Five Stars
Time will tell. Used one on a total of 56 gallons in 3.5 gallon units
I guess it's good. If I drink the water from my 55 ...
I guess it's good. If I drink the water from my 55 gallon barrel and I die, then I will lower my rating to one star.
Five Stars
Works well, appreciate the 5 year life.
Five Stars
Easy to use.
Five Stars
Just what I wanted at a good price
Five Stars
Save it, don't replace it
This seems to work as least no one has gotten sick after drinking the water that sat for a long period. (:
Five Stars
Quick shipping. Product worked well.
Great product.
As advertised and fast shipping. Great product.
I'm glad I received these
There was a bit of a delay in receiving this purchase, but this is understandable given the current popularity. I'm glad I received these...the bottles are far smaller than you might believe.
Rain Water ?
I would like to know if you could use this product with collected rain water in a 55 -Gallon food grade drum ???
Five Stars
works great
Five Stars
works perfectly
Five Stars
I have used it but only time will tell if ...
I have used it but only time will tell if it works properly....but my hope is that is lives up to it's reputation.
Pool water is a perfect resivior when needing drinking water
OK I'm a professional pool guy. Let me clarify to all you idiot's that think pool water has to much chlorine and needs filtering? Any pool that has been stagnate and not running or chemicals poured in will have no chlorine in the water. Chlorine burns out of pool water very quickly. Why do you think so much is used to keep pool cleared. Chlorine does not linger in pool water that been stagnant for month perhaps 2 weeks or less time.
... my 55 gallon drum just don't know if it's good yet because I have to wait 5 years
Put one in my 55 gallon drum just don't know if it's good yet because I have to wait 5 years.
Five Stars
The product meets the description.
keeps things together
surviving made easy, a concentrate that is better than the rest of the survival kits out there.
Five Stars
Another necessary item to have for preserving water..goes a long way.
Five Stars
Smells like chlorine.. 5 yr storage is good... I'll still boil
Five Stars
Great product
Five Stars
Came like said and I guess in 5 years will see if it works as promised.
Worked So Far and Gives Me Peace of Mind
It is very hard to review this because it hasn't been 5 years yet so I don't know if it will keep the water good for that long but what I am rating it on is the piece of mind I have knowing I have 55 gallons of usable drinking water right now that is stored for emergencies. I can tell you that I checked the water yesterday and even tasted the it, I didn't notice any kind of 'funny' taste and the water looks like I just took it out of the tap. This is important because before I bought the 55 gal. barrel and this Water Preserver, I tried to store water in empty soda bottles that were washed out really well. No matter if I boiled it first or not, eventually there was a black mold type thing growing in every bottle. I am not sure if it was the bottle or the water but it really didn't matter because I wouldn't drink it. After all that work of filling and storing bottles, I had no water to drink/cook with had an emergency arise. (I get storms in summer and winter so I need to be prepared year round for spans of time being without water.) Now, problem is solved and I am happy to know I have usable water.
Water preserver
Will know how well it works down the road. Never used this product before.
This is a Emergency Prep must have
This is an emergency prep must have. Store up water in used milk juggs or soda bottles and add a few drops of this Water Preserver to it and you will start accumulating a great supply of fresh emergency water....
For my Storage barrel refill
My water storage barrels came with a supply - this is for the 2nd time I refill the barrels.
Five Stars
Works great.
Five Stars
We felt we needed to add this to our water storage to keep the water stable.
Does the job.
Second 5-year application.
Preppers necessity
cute little package, tasted like rainbows and butterflies, and performs flawlessly! Well, no not really. Sorry. However according to the manufacturer it is tested for use at 10 years, but they rate it at 5 years of water storage. The flavor sucks, but when diluted in water (LIKE IT SHOULD BE!!!!) you hardly notice. When using plastic storage it does tend to enhance the plastic flavor imparted on the water, so be ready for that. Otherwise it is a no frills product that does as advertised.
Five Stars
Good for survival water.
Seems like a high price but if it works so be it.
No problems here, however I won't know how it works until I taste five year old stored water. If it works its worth the money.
came on time, already in earthquake 55 gallon water ...
came on time, already in earthquake 55 gallon water drums for the next 5 years, hope I do not need it
Purely a Refreshing option. Treats large tanks or smaller ...
Purely a Refreshing option. Treats large tanks or smaller amounts of water storage.
So far so good.
I put this in the water I stored in my waterbricks. After a few weeks the water still tastes fresh, maybe even better than when it came out of the tap.
Excellent water preservative
This is simply bleach but safer since it is without the toxic contaminants regular household bleach has, (such as detergent, colorant, thickener, emulsifier, etc.). With 9 drops of this product, you can fill an emptied 2-liter soda jug with water that will stay pure and drinkable for 5 years; a protection for your family in emergencies since without water you are quickly desperate. You can build up quite a supply for yourselves in little time.
Five Stars
Great product!
Satisfied Customer !!!
Quality product, as advertised, quick service.
glad i found this item
I have not used it yet since I haven't found a space to store my water yet but I am sure it will be great knowing I can keep it for at least 5 years!! I bought it in case of an emergency and wanted something that will be good for some time.
Good product, as described
Good product, as described
Great Product
Having a large supply of ater to drink will be essential in the coming times. This is the best I have found. Thanks
Great product!
Great product!
Five Stars
Very happy with the product
Great item
Easy directions, easy to use. No harsh smell nor harsh taste. Will be buying more..
Five Stars
Very Nice
Five Stars
Easy to use if you already have the 55 gallon drum which we do.
Came on time and I have to rely on the ...
Came on time and I have to rely on the manufacturer as to it's ability to do what it is suppose to
Better safe than sorry!!
I always say 'better safe than sorry'! The water preserver product has been tested AND approved for human consumption .... bleach has NOT! Tell me, which would 'you' prefer for keeping your water clean ... a product that has been tested and approved for human consumption or a product that has been tested and approved for cleaning toilets???
Great stuff.
A must have to save water to drink in case of emergency. Great stuff.
Easy to use
Love the ease and protection it offers. Treated all my stored water with it. Does not cloud the water up like others. No bad smell either. Kind of pricey, but better than using household bleach.
water perserver
i beleve this will be a very valuable asset as the way things are looking in this world and we never know when such a thing as water will be invaluable.
Thanks for sending the water preserver ASAP! Hopefully you will be available when I order more water [reserver in 5 years.
Highly recommended!
If you're storing water, you really don't want to have to rotate it every few months. You definitely want to add this up front to avoid that hassle! Easy to use and highly recommended for every time you prepare water for storage!
tested and happy
this is one of those products that can be used and literally never be tested since the only way to know if it works is to wait 4+ years and then taste the water. i can tell you that we just swapped out our emergency water supply after 4 years and the water was completely drinkable. recommended - no reservations.

PS - follow the instructions to make sure the swish the water around to ensure that the cover/cap is exposed to the treated water.
Good product
Great product like it a lot I really hate this sometimes a few words is all that is needed and they wonder why no one really likes to do this
Water treatment
I ordered this a while back, it is probably the best thing for long term storage solutions on the market. I haven't tested my water I placed in storage nearly 9 months ago, but why bother opening it up if I have to go and retreat it again in doing so. The cost and shopping experience was really great and I would buy again and recommend to friends if they mention they need a product for water treatment.
Top reason I bout it:
Ease of use
Recommended by many survivalists
Has a high rating in all the literature I have seen about the product
Great for my water barrel and my boat!
Great Prepper item! If you are saving water, you must preserves it
If you live in California, plan for the worse
Product & Packaging
Water Preserver is an excellent product and delivered on time and packaged very well. I would highly recommend this product for water storage in the 55 gallon drum
Good business here
It preserves stored water, I hope it's doing it's job. as for the outfit survivalkitsonline, they are a fantastic, I will be doing business with them in the future.
Excellent product for emergency drinking water supply in a barrel.
This is a 3rd time re-order product for me. I like the convenience of having a 5 yr. shelf-life for treated water. The one drawback is that there's only one size bottle available-- meant for a 55 gallon barrel, and I have a 30 gallon barrel, so I couldn't empty the entire bottle into the barrel. Instead, I had to tediously measure a partial amount of Preserver Concentrate. My choice with the unused Preserver is to keep it refrigerated or throw it out. (the opened bottle has a limited shelf life well under 5 years.)
Relax for 5 years
Was concerned about filling and draining 55 gallon drums every year. This product is great for long term water storage. Just be careful when taking out the clear, dispersing cap when pouring all contents into 55 gallon drum. The one I used flipped into the drum (what are the chances!). I'd suggest , after my mishap, that it be removed way away from the drum or keep lid on drum. Marked date the drum was filled and now can relax and not worry about rotating water.
I have just recently decided to have some long term water storage.
I have a well and it is deep and good, but I found out recently just how long it will take to get a new pump put in! I will have 100 gallons of drinking water and a swimming pool full of other water when I get done with this process. That should take me to the point of having enough water to wait until a pump is sent to the well man.
I am glad to have this for my H2O. It seems to protect my water and it smells quite strong of ammonia or something...... ummm.... yeah
fast shipping
got this very quickly hope it does what it says il be able to tell you in 5 years I dont plane on opening the 55 gal drums any time soon
Just what I thought
I'm assuming it works fine. I haven't had any troubles out of the water yet, but I haven't used it yet either. Only time will tell more.
Reliable produce
I've been using this stuff for several years now. It does what it claims it will do: keep water microbiologically safe for years. When using the stored water with the Concentrate in it, you can sense a bit of chlorine-like taste. However, I'll tolerate that to ensure that the water is safe to drink, even after years in storage.
Preppers dream
I use this to protect my stored water for emergencies. Other than air, water is the most essential resource that you need to live. You can only survive for three days without it, Make sure to protect it.
Got to have it!
We have treated our water before but this premeasured liquid is the easiest. Just fill, pour, and be assured that the water will be fresh if needed.
Seems to be good
Product was packaged, shipped and arrived in appropriate times. Very easy to use. Just be mindful that they do have experation dates.
Easy to Use
This was easy to use and I could not believe how perfectly portioned, it did 50 gallons with not a drop to spare.
55 gallon water review
This is great preserver. I like to add it to my 55 gallon emergency water. I have already reviewed this product. Thank you very much.
get prepared
perfect, had a great expiration date. get prepared for a disaster. store water. at least one gallon per person per day
just what you need to preserve water for 5 years
not much to say except this isn't just bleach. if you need emergency water- get yourself a 55 gallon food safe drum. buy this. add water. write down date. change in 5 years.
shipping was super fast.
A valuable product
The basics of water storage are to keep it in water-safe, opaque containers, out of the light, and away from any chemicals (e.g., gasoline, paint, etc.). If you do this, water will typically remain safe for 6 months to a year. It's difficult to predict precisely since many factors, such as temperature and initial impurity levels, can affect the shelf life. So, if you're only storing a few jerry cans of water, simply pour them out and refill every six months. However, if you're going to store larger containers of water, such as a 55-gallon drum, or a SuperTanker, then you will likely want it to last longer than six months.

This concentrate contains proprietary stabilized sodium hypchlorite, NOT ordinary household bleach as the other reviewer suggested. Think of it as bleach that continues to be slowly released over time. Experts recommend replacing normal bleach-treated water within a year. This product pushes that shelf life from 5-10 years. Not bad if you're stocking water for emergency reasons. Do be aware, however, that treating water with bleach of any sort will introduce a chemical smell and taste - can be objectionable to finicky drinkers (such as children).

I would refer skeptics (or any potential purchases) to the company website (waterpreserver dot com). They discuss the testing and certification, and it should help you better understand the benefits of this product. Obviously look around for the best price.

Written by Arthur Bradley, author of "Handbook to Practical Disaster Preparedness for the Family."

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