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Water Preserver 2 Star Reviews with Team Comments!
13 of 27 "2 Star Reviews" have a comment.
Within months of expiration
Just bought in 2022, expiration date on bottom says expires 10/2022.. less than 9 months till it expires. Pretty sure shelf life on these kind of products should be longer than what I received
Active ingredients are literally just unscented bleach...
This is literally just unscented bleach(5% Sodium Hypochlorite) that you can buy in bulk at your local grocery store for a few dollars a gallon. Do not use any scented or foam-free bleach as these have added inert ingredients.
Bottle was leaking
The bottle I received was leaking. It was sent in sealed plastic bag, so the leak was contained within the bag. Not a huge amount leaked, but it destroyed the enclosed directions and labeling.
This is literally just unscented bleach. I checked the chemical ingredients and its verbatim bleach.
Expires in nine months
The bottle Expires in nine months
Put it away for emergency haven?t tried it yet
It was a great value when I purchased that however it took forever to receive now price is tripled.
Bleach....Find another alternative for water preservation.
Bottle Expired 8 Months After Order
The bottle I got expired 8 months after I ordered it, and the instructions say not to use it once expired. That kind of defeats the 5 year lifetime of the treated water you're supposed to get out of it.
Beware - Will be near expiration date
Does the job, as advertised, but the bottle I received was only a few months away from the expiration date. That's enough to drive a low rating.
It's an extremely overpriced bleach
Yes, this is nothing more than just an extremely overpriced household bleach. Do yourself a favor, go to your nearby store and get a regular bleach. Just make sure it's a regular 5% sodium hypochlorite-based unscented bleach. Then use 2ml per 5 gallons (0.4ml per gallon) of water and you will achieve the exact same results as with this "product", but for a small fraction of the cost. If you get a 8.3% bleach, then use 1.2ml per 5 gallons (0.24ml per gallon) of water.
Don't listen to FUD about how unsafe it is to use regular bleach vs this product. Yes, regular bleach may contain other ingredients, such as table salt, baking soda and may be caustic soda, but at these concentrations the amounts are very negligible and won't make any difference whatsoever.
I guess its good..
I guess its good.....except that all it is is bleach. Look at the i ingredients. If I had to do it over again I would choose the oxygen water preserver. This is very expensive for nothing more than bleach. WHO WANTS TO DRINK BLEACH? not me.
A bottle of bleach is a heck of a lot cheaper
Totally overpriced! Bleach!
package leaked
1 of three leaked this is just bleach but it is in the right size for quick use.... ... ...
Water Preserver 2 Star Reviews with Team Comments!
13 of 27 "2 Star Reviews" have a comment.
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