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Water Preserver 1 Star Reviews with Team Comments!
51 of 54 "1 Star Reviews" have a comment.
This is just chlorine bleach
Was very disappointed and felt ripped off. This is just chorine bleach. We are reusing the bottle as the correct amount of chlorine needed for a 55 gallon drum of water.
What the heck?!?!
It?s 2/2022 this exp. 11/22 why would you send me something that only has a 9 month shelf life? Is this normal?
not worth it
I got this today Dec 20th 2021 and it expires in 11 months. I bought it thinking it would have 5 years of shelf life. Will not buy from here again and there is no returns allowed.
Save your money - this is just a tiny bottle of bleach
It?s only 5.25% bleach, at that. The bottle of Clorox on my shelf is 7.5% bleach. And it was 1 gallon for less than the price of this tiny bottle.
This is simply chlorine bleach
Laundry bleach would work the same and would be much cheaper.
I came open and leaked in the zip lock bag which destroyed the instructions. Not eligible for return.
Snake oil
It?s only active ingredient is sodium hypochlorite, the same as bleach. Smells like bleach. It?s bleach. Basically paid a ridiculous premium for a premeasured amount of bleach with an EPA rubber stamp on it. Not sure how this has any positive reviews. Shame on Amazon.
Yes received today
Yes received today
The bottle leaked and the instructions were bleached...not to mention the expiration date was 11/ 2021. Not anything that is suitable for a disaster preparedness kit. Pathetic for the price. It's basically bleach.
Packaging Leaked inside the
The bottle leaked inside the ziploc plastic bag and the letters on the instructions written on side of the bottle wore out with the liquid, I got a soup of instruction papers and blue ink inside the bag, you can't return this item because is classified as chemicals or something similar.
Arrived Unusable - & unreturnable!
Arrived leaking in the package with most of writing on the white vial smudged or loosened off and unreadable. The packaging was soaked. The outside of the plastic zip bag that was in the larger box were all dry.
I can only guess the mishandling was from 123 or who ever sold it.

Could not smell any chlorine smell.

Frankly I am thinking it was a waste to order this.
One should maintain their prep water supplies every few months anyway and not expect a chemical to keep it safe for even longer. Water is too important.

Another pandemic consumer scam or well maybe not a scam but definitely I feel cheated.

What a waste.
Clorox at (precisely) 435 times the cost. Here's the proof:
Water Preserver Concentrate formulation:
5.25% sodium hypochlorite
94.75% inert ingredients

Clorox formulation:
7.5% sodium hypochlorite
92.5% inert ingredients

Both products are sodium hypochlorite, both dilute when added to water.
Therefore, Water Preserver is Clorox at 435 time the cost.*

It merits one star because it will, in fact, perform its advertised function, albeit at 435 times the necessary cost.

It's marketing is fraudulent: "proprietary formula" and "the first and only product accepted and proven safe for 5-year water storage." People have used sodium hypochlorite (Clorox) to safeguard stored water for generations.

*Sodium hypochlorite in Water Preserver Concentrate:
0.0525 x 0.73 = 0.038325 oz
12.85/0.038325 = $335.29 per oz
Sodium hypochlorite in Clorox:
0.075 x 81.0 = 6.0750 oz
4.69/6.0750 = $0.77 per oz
$335.29/$0.77 = 435
Showed up leaky
Will update with a picture. It's unfortunate, but this is what I got. I expect more.
Buy in-person, not online
Not sure how well product works since I wanted to use for long term water storage - hopefully it is a good product. *Rating based on physical item not liquid product* Cap was broken and exp date is May 2021 (purchased Oct 2020). Better to buy in person rather than through Amazon seller -that way you have more control over product condition
Poor packaging!
I don?t know how this product works because the cap was cracked and all the fluid leaked into the bag it came in! Very poor packaging to say the least! I didn?t bother returning it, I?ll order another brand and hopefully the packaging will be better! I don?t recommend this product because a safe product delivery is not guaranteed!
NOT returnable and for ONLY ONE 55 gal barrel.
HEADS UP. Item is NOT returnable. And item is for ONLY ONE 55 gal drum of water. This is why I want to return because at this price it is ridiculously expensive. From what I?ve read in my research, you can just use household bleach (in correct amounts). Really sorry I bought it.
Same as chlorine bleach
I wish I would've looked closer at this product, but once I opened the bottle and smelled it I thought it smelled very much like bleach. So I looked at the active ingredients and compared it to bleach. Someone had a good write up in the Q&A section.
Leaked -bottle almost empty
This product leaked everywhere in the packaging. Half the bottle was gone because of it.
doesn't last 5yrs.
Its water perseverer. Its supposed to last 5yrs. In 55gal of water. I put it in 3/8/18 and i tested the water it was perfect level. Just tested it twice last week it had aextremely low level of protection. Thats not 5yrs. Had to order more. Its not cheap when you do several drums. PS its in a dark very cool basement. Not to pleased with product
Don?t buy this!
Don?t buy this! It?s literally just bleach. You can use household bleach to ?preserve? water for storage. This product is a waste of money. I wish I had done my research before wasting $12.
Old product, expired 7 years ago! Not cool, to sell as fresh.
I ordered 5 bottles, as I was filling up my 55 gallon barrels and reading the directions it clearly stated not to use if the expiration date has expired...sure enough all of the bottles are expired!!! Thank you sooooo much for selling me old crap!!!
Don't do it. Don't waste you money on household bleach sold in a little bottle for $16.99 :(
This is Sodium Hyperchlorite--Household bleach. Nowhere can you read the active ingredients on the site, and the photo of the back label cannot be read. Unacceptable. And during this pandemic, $16.99/bottle for less than an ounce. Inhumane.
Product may be expired
No expiration date on bottle. Item is not eligible for return (something about not being able to ship chemicals).
This isn't much different from Clorox bleach you can buy in larger quantities for much, much less and you can?t return it. I would give this negative stars if I could.
16 dollars for bleach
16 dollars for an eyedropper of bleach
Their selling old product
When I received it, the expectation date was only good for 3 months, if your going to sell something make sure it?s good for longer then that
Expensive rip off!!!
Overpriced! I was purchasing a pump for my 50 gal container and amazon got me on the bundle purchase. Don't waste your money! Plus you can't return this item.
Warning Check Date
I purchased this product July 3, 2016 and finally went to use the product and found that it had expired five months later.
Not what I would call a fresh product.
Waste of money.

Buyer beware!!!
Paid for 2 and got 1.
I ordered 2 and only got one! Watch out these places will jip you. If you need 2 items, order 1 at a time so they can't do this. I learned the hard way. $25 for 1 bottle and reading other reviews about 1/2 c Clorox bleech to 55 gallon barrels will work. I feel ripped off. Always do research before you buy anything.
Just bleach
This is just bleach branded differently. You will see the same ingredients under you counter
Don't waste your money, this is just bleach.
Way easier and cheaper to use household bleach. Properly measured, it does the exact same job.
Received with only 5 months untill it expires!
I received the product on Dec 18, 2018 with only 5 months left untill it expires. It expires on 5/2019.

It is supposed to have a 5yr shelf life, but I only got it with 5 months left. Not acceptable, will return it.
Almost expired
Arrived with an expiration date less than a year from now and instructions clearly state "do not use after expiration".
Just use bleach.
This is sodium hypochlorite which is just pool chlorine. You can buy pool chlorine for 4 bucks a gallon. Just use bleach.
One Star
The expiration date was to short!!!!!
$2,000 per gallon of bleach!! Thats all your buying!!
Google preserve water with bleach. Same ingredients! You are simply paying near $2,000.00 for a gallon of bleach! If you google preserve water with bleach it gives you mixing solution.
Exorbitant price for a tiny bottle of bleach. This is just bleach!!
The active ingredient in this bottle is ~5% sodium hypochlorite, which, in plain English, means chlorine BLEACH. Compare this to a gallon of Chlorox (active ingredient? 5% sodium hypochlorite), and the question I think you should ask yourself is why would you be an idiot and pay $11 for this tiny little bottle when a GALLON of bleach (sodium hypochlorite, ~5%) runs about one third to one fourth the cost and can serve the exact same purpose. Don't get suckered.
$1,790.66 for 1 gallon of HOUSEHOLD BLEACH

I JUST BOUGHT THIS 3/4oz bottle of HOUSEHOLD BLEACH for $10.49!!!!! That is the equivalent of $1,790.66 per gallon... A lot more expensive than CLOROX. There was NO SUCH disclosure either in the sales information nor in the packaging materials!! They did; however, that my tiny little bottle of household bleach could be used past It's SIX MONTH expiration date !!!!
If you buy this product, welcome to the others who have been ripped off.
I am 78 years young and will be busy spreading my good will for crooks for many more years.
One Star
This a simply house bleach. It not worth the price.
I will not buy or recommend this company to anyone
I purchased several of these bottles, (thinking I would put some in storage for another use in 5 years) and though I didn't fill my barrels immediately, I noticed that the bottle had an expiration date on the bottom--just a few months after purchase date. Needless to say, I will not buy or recommend this company to anyone. When I need to do this again, I will take the advice of a reviewer and just clean the barrels out and add 1/2 c regular bleach and call it a day. I cannot get in touch with the company to complain or to discuss this. So YOU benefit from my experience. Beware !
Do not buy. This product is nothing more than bleach in a small bottle
DO NOT BUY. This is nothing more than marketing a small bottle of bleach. The active ingredient is 5.27% Sodium Hypochlorite and 94.75% Inert Ingredients.... Sodium Hypochlorite is nothing more than Bleach.
You've got to be kidding me.
This is pure unadulterated bleach solution, a 5% solution exactly what you get if you buy a gallon jug of ordinary bleach. I thought it would have some other ingredients. You can buy it by the gallon and get enough to treat 7040 gallons of water for about what this little bottle costs. Nothing but sodium hypochlorite (aka bleach) 5% and water 95%.
Rip-off. Label lists active ingredient as Sodium-hypochlorite which is ...
Rip-off. Label lists active ingredient as Sodium-hypochlorite which is household bleach!
You can by a couple of gallons of bleach for what this costs and it is probably way past the shelf life for bleach ( 6 months).
It's just bleach! Rip off.
It's just household bleach. Save yourself some money and buy a bottle of Clorox at the store and you'll have enough to treat many many more 55 Gal containers.
Too much to pay for what it is.
Too much to pay for Sodium Hypochlorite (Common Bleach). This product is 5.25% and household bleach is 8.25%. I have been using common bleach for years to store water and thought I would try this product to see what it was all about. Now I know and I am going back to common bleach at a fraction of the price. Thanks
This is bleach...
I just paid $10 for a 2 ounce bottle of bleach...needless to say I feel kind of foolish...and a little pissed off.
A World Class Rip Off!
This product is nothing more than a slightly weakened solution of common household bleach, sold in supermarkets for hundreds of times less cost for a gallon than these folks are charging for 3/4 of an oz. And AMAZON allows this???
I will rethink my relationship with Amazon.
money wasted
If your that concerned with the safety of your water, then just buy canned water. It has a 30 plus year shelf life and you do not have to do anything to it. No rotation,purification...nada...It's that simple.
Nothing but bleach.
My order from Acme Prototype via Amazon arrived today stinking strongly of regular everyday chlorine bleach.

The small bottle is packaged with papers in a small zip-lock baggy which was shipped in a small bubble pack mailer and sent via USPS. Which of course got squished somewhere along the way and the contents of the bottle squeezed out all over.

Looking at the active ingredients on the bottle it's Sodium Hypoclorite at 5.25%. Exact same ingredients and concentration used in everyday household bleach. I could have gone to local drug store and bought a couple of gallons for what I was charged for this, plus shipping.

What an absolute ripoff.

Follow up: Acme Prototype imededately shipped out a replacement order, this time in a cardboard box, and refunded my full purchase price for my troubles. Kudos to them for exemplary customer service.
Not worth the bother
Having dealt with these chemicals for 35+ years in a variety of water treatment applications, it is my considered opinion that there is value to the product, but it really isn't worth the bother and it is incredibly expensive for what you get, and there is a strong element of risk. You will find much more benefit from cheaper and more common treatment methods without worrying whether if what you have is fresh or will work.

The trick to what they are talking about is to kill off the pathogens, and then store the water in such a way that it is not possible to introduce new pathogens. Keep water in an airtight container and out of the sun, and you've prevented it from being recontaminated. It is your water storage method that does this, not this or any other product. Any product that would itself keep your water pathogen-free for 5 years without these storage procedures would be so toxic that you couldn't drink it.

That said, sodium hypocholorite works. It also actually is household bleach (go look at your Clorox bottle), and it really doesn't matter if they put a stabilizer in it or not. Sodium hypo is most stable at 5.25% (household bleach strength). It will be at strength for a year or more if left cool and in the dark and it will be close to that strength for several more years. A half cup of bleach in 55 gals of clean and clear water will do the job. Seal the water and store it. Done! Doing it this way will also keep your water drinkable for 5-10 years.

If this product needs stabilizers in it, it's because their bleach has a shorter shelf life or because they are using it as a marketing gimmick. My concern however, is that stabilizers also add another chemical to what you are drinking. Using cyanurates (for example) works to stabilize a 7-8% bleach, but it has also been identified as a carcinogen in high quantities. Keeping water safely doesn't require stabilizers. It just requires sanitizing it once and storing it properly... something you have to do with or without this product. The only reason to have stabilizers is if the product itself is unstable. If that's the case, that would concern me because products that break down often form other really nasty contaminants and are largely unpredictable if they are ingested.

Normal bleach is not that unstable that stabilizers are necessary. Unfortunately, this manufacturer doesn't tell us what stabilizers are in it, why they have to be in it, or what the health risks are. Essentially, they are telling us, 'Here's some stuff to drink, we are not offering you any analysis of our claims or ingredient list, but drink it anyway.' I am not suggesting that it is unhealthy, but there is nothing here but your own inference that it is safe.

Do yourself a favor and keep a couple gallons of bleach around the house, and if you are concerned about something more, go invest in a quart of 40% pool algaecide. Choose the one with the ingredient n-alkyl dimethyl benzyl ammonium chloride. It sounds nasty but you deal with it every day in very low doses in commercial kitchens, bathrooms, locker rooms, and pools. A .06% is health department certified to kill off all pathogens, which means that a quart of 40% will create 650 quarts of disinfectant, and you can use 1 qt of that to treat 55 gallons of water. That is far more than you will ever use for water consumption, so keep the rest around to spray down surfaces and kill bacteria, molds, and mildew. It's used a lot in gymnasiums on hard surfaces to wipe out athlete's foot fungus and other sources of infection and smell. As for the smell, it leaves kind of an almond scent behind.

Such products as the ones I'm talking about have also undergone extensive testing before being deployed and authorized for use in pool water that can be drunk and around food products. The description of this product bears no such claim.


This edit is added because there are apparently some readers who think this is some sort of a water taste review. It is not. This IS NOT about taste. Other than potentially being indicative or a confirmation of what's in the water, taste is irrelevant in survival situations. Forget about the taste. But if that is still all you can think of, then add some sugar and be happy.

This review is about the claims made by the product, how irrelevant they are to real world situations, and that there are chemicals left behind to be consumed by you and your family when you drink this water. Focus on the fact that you don't know what these chemicals do to your body when they are ingested, and the fact that they are not necessary to keep water healthy.

I also wanted to point out the potential dangers of the some water barrels. It is important that you find product that complies with U.S. Food and Drug Administration regulation 21CFR 177.1520 (1) 3.1 and 3.2 for storage of potable water, and has not been used for other purposes before you bought it. Plastics come in varying qualities and for different purposes, and some leech process chemicals or components. If it has been used for any other purpose, it could have absorbed some of that and not be able to be adequately cleaned out. Again, for you people who think this is about taste, it is not. Use what you will and then let the rest of us know when your kidneys are shutting down.

Even if your water storage is brand new, they can release gases for awhile. Maybe they are okay, maybe not. Maybe they give you the runs or just make you feel like you ate a wad of plastic wrap. Only experience will tell you if you made a mistake, and then it's probably too late. My recommendation is that you do a complete drain and refill at the 6, 12, and 24 month mark at a minimum, and then every 24 months after that. Be sure to rebleach water going back in and store them properly. Yes, it's a lot of work, but that doesn't make it any less advisable or beneficial.
Ridiculously overpriced; contempt for customers
This "concentrate" preservative is simply 3/4 ounce of household bleach (5.25% Sodium Hypochlorite). Not even a nickel's worth of the high-priced brand.

Oops, almost forgot! It comes with an instruction sheet telling you to mix it with ~ 55 gals of water.

Companies that sell this sort of rip-off display an astonishing contempt for their customers.
Water Preserver 1 Star Reviews with Team Comments!
51 of 54 "1 Star Reviews" have a comment.
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