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Details About WaterPreserver

  • What is the active ingredient in WaterPreserver?
  • The active ingredient in WaterPreserver is a specially formulated and pharmaceutical grade of Sodium Hypochlorite. It is required as a part of the EPA approval granted to WaterPreserver!

  • Is WaterPreserver safe for people and animals?
  • When used according to the instructions provided with the packaging, WaterPreserver is SAFE for consumption by people and animals.

  • How is WaterPreserver unique?
  • When used as indicated, WaterPreserver is GUARANTEED to protect stored water for 5 full years.

  • Is WaterPreserver registered with the U.S. Government?
  • Water Preserver is approved for sale by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

    EPA REG. 61428-1
    EPA EST. 103360-CA-1

  • Is WaterPreserver affordable to purchase and use?
  • The main cost for using WaterPreserver is the purchase of an adequate supply of storage containers. The cost per gallon of stored water is very similar to purchasing bottled water from a local store

  • Is WaterPreserver right for you, your family or business?
  • We have been selling WaterPreserve to emergency professionals for many years. They tell us their customers are very happy with WaterPreserver and hope you will be too. Please see our many 5 star reviews!
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