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Water Purification
and Storage
You'll Need Plenty of Water
to Survive During an Emergency!


Water Purification
and Storage

Each Bottle of

sanitizes and preserves




Learning that your emergency water supply has become contaminated after disaster strikes is NOT a great plan. Unfortunately, it happens all the time. Please read about the "before and after" experience of a now-satisfied WaterPreservertm user:

"I get storms in summer and winter so I need to be prepared year round for spans of time being without water. I tried to store water in empty soda bottles that were washed out really well. No matter if I boiled it first or not, eventually there was a black mold type thing growing in every bottle. I am not sure if it was the bottle or the water but it really didn't matter because I wouldn't drink it. After all that work of filling and storing bottles, I had no water to drink/cook with had an emergency arise.

I bought the 55 gal. barrel and this Water Preserver. Now, problem is solved and I am happy to know I have usable water."

-- Actual 2015 WaterPreservertm Five Star customer review!

That's why scores of Emergency Professionals rely on WaterPreserver's proven abilty to keep your water safe and drinkable for five (5) years, GUARANTEED! Isn't that the kind of of protection you and your family deserve?

So why not do like the pros do, and order WaterPreservertm TODAY!
Be Ready and Be Confident!

You can be confident that you and your family have the emergency water you need to survive a disaster. WaterPreserver makes emergency water storage safe, easy and inexpensive!

  • Water Preserver is proven effective for 5-year water storage

  • Water Preserver was laboratory tested for 10 YEARS to establish its effectiveness.

  • Water Preserver is manufactured from high quality ingredients, specifically approved for use in preserving drinking water.

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