Water Bacteria Counts Warning

"Untreated water stored for as little as one year may be unsafe to drink!"

In over 10 years of fieldwork and testing, 7C's staff has inspected, evaluated and sampled numerous water storage sites. During this period 7C's independent laboratory analyzed both treated and untreated samples of stored water submitted from schools, businesses and others concerned with safe storage of their emergency water. 7C's released the following findings:

"Extremely high bacteria counts, black and green algae, and slime were present in containers stored for as little as one year. In all the cases of contamination studied, untreated tap water had been used for storage."


  • Potentially high bacteria counts in stored water present a very dangerous situation. While algae and slime may be obvious visually, dangerous bacteria may go unnoticed!
  • In most of the samples tested with dangerously high bacteria counts, there was NO visual indication the water was unsafe--the water was clear and had no disagreeable odor or taste.
  • Any water storage container, new or old, carries bacteria on its surfaces. Additional bacteria and other contaminants can be introduced into the water from the air, a filling hose, the hands of a person, and other sources.
    Bacteria in the water can then multiply inside the container and make the water unsafe to drink.

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