Water Preserver Dealers

WaterPreserver™ is sold exclusively through authorized dealers. We value the safety of you, your family and your business and therefore recommend that you only purchase our product through dealers listed below.

Our dealers are knowledgeable not only on our products but also in how to use them effectively to ensure a safe water supply in an emergency situation. To use WaterPreserver™, you'll also need appropriate water storage containers. Some of our dealers sell them. Check out the notes for each dealer for special information.

Thanks for your interest in WaterPreserver™!

CaliforniaEmergency Preparedness ProductsWebsite(805) 388-3911 (Main)
CaliforniaEsafety SuppliesWebsite(626) 369-1280 (Main)
CaliforniaReady AmericaWebsite(760) 466-1060 (Main)
CaliforniaMore PreparedWebsite(888) 733-7245 (Main)
CaliforniaSan Diego DrumsWebsite(619) 263-0901 (Main)
CaliforniaYour Safety PlaceWebsite(925) 425-3282 (Main)
CaliforniaDisaster Survival SkillsWebsite(760) 220-0813 (Main)
CaliforniaSafe-N-ReadyWebsite(626) 744-9095 (Main)
CaliforniaSimpler LifeWebsite(909) 798-8108 (Main)
CaliforniaDisaster StuffWebsite(866) 792-6201 (Main)
CaliforniaSafe-T-Proof LLCWebsite(858) 554-1150 (Main)
CaliforniaEarthquake Supply CenterWebsite(415) 459-5500 (Main)Sells 30 and 55 Gallon Drums
CaliforniaRancho Army Navy StoreWebsite(951) 676-0057 (Main)
CaliforniaPrep and Save LLCWebsite(888) 463-8756 (Main)Sells Water Bricks and 30 Gallon Drums.
CaliforniaS.O.S. Survival ProductsWebsite(800) 479-7998 (Main)
CaliforniaMayday IndustriesWebsite(714) 893-5410 (Main)
MissouriQuake KareWebsite(314) 423-4333 (Main)
New HampshireKoala Enterprise USAWebsite(603) 247-3331 (Main)
UtahThe Ready StoreWebsite(801) 553-7088 (Main)
UtahEmergency Preparedness CenterWebsite(435) 654-3447 (Main)
UtahPrepare My LifeWebsite(801) 694-9994 (Main)
WashingtonEmergency Preparedness ServicesWebsite(206) 762-0889 (Main)

Are you a dealer for emergency preparedness supplies and services?

If so, please consider applying to become an Authorized Dealer for WaterPreserver™. For more information, please contact us..

Thank you.